Corporate teaching:

Primarily made for the creative & tech industry, the calligraphy and experimental typography workshops are designed to create a space or simply a “time out” from the computers and screens that permeate our current post-modern creative environment. This is a dynamic and highly interactive course that will provide the work force / team with an opportunity to work with their own hands and minds but also promote team building as the team will be asked to cooperate and collaborate on a creative project from start to finish. The course is particularly suited for teams interested in enhancing communication, getting involved in problem solving and/or decision making and activities that focus on building trust.

Design & Art events / public demonstrations:

Typography, Art and Design events & conferences. The events are particularly suited for an audience interested in learning about the state of art in design and typography from the point of view of a practicing artist/typographer. Yomar has also extensively conducted public typography demonstrations, which are available upon request.

Education institutions:

With more than 15 years of teaching experience, Yomar travels regularly around the world to connect with schools of all sizes, from smaller education environments to colleges and universities. He believes that creativity should be nourished within all parts of the education environment to create a strong relationship between the faculty, students and the independent educators such as himself. Lectures, open table discussions, demonstrations and exhibitions are also available upon request.

Private classes:

Yomar Augusto teaches regularly at his own studio in Downtown San Diego, California. Usually at least one or twice a month, workshops are held with a maximum of 8 participants. Small groups assure a personal contact, approach and full process / experimentation.