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You are invited to join EXPERIMENTAL CALLIGRAPHY, a 2-hour virtual workshop. Planned as the first module in a series, participants will be immersed into a series of exercises to culminate with the construction of an eight-page lettering booklet and a personal uppercase system, taught by graphic designer + artist Yomar Augusto.

During this workshop

Participants will learn the fundamentals of the flat brush pen, letter sketching techniques, fundamentals of lettering composition and contrast. Using reference material of typefaces from East Europe and a typographic photograph archive as base, we will develop a family of 8 Capital letters with a style that’s personal to the student and can be used as their personal design / brand. Ultimately, the work will be arranged in a simple to make booklet to display and document the new developed family of uppercase letters.

What you can expect to learn

• Introduction to flat brush calligraphy - Upper / lower cases
• Roman x Cursive
• Use of relevant tools and materials
• Letter sketching technique
• Contrast drawing technique
• Letter Variations - Geometric
• The Transition from Calligraphy to Typography
• Type expansion - Second Phase

Basic Supplies

• Different sizes of paper / water color / lower quality ones
• Flat brush - small - medium size
• Pencil
• Ruller
• Rubber
• Black liquid ink
• Color liquid ink
• A cutting tool
• Something to protect your table surface
• Trancing paper
• Colors pens
• Any old brushes you might have
• Markers